idiophonic clutter: siemers, sturclub and trouth

electricity comes from other planets

a poetrait: / off the abyss: / ass a young=voyd: / on a hot summoner poepaganday

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thee upsetter ov lawgh (the megson of loulee perreed) triggers inn end on a triaryandick bullett (bockscar gourschlemmondizer) and goes goose the goetz amd the godz and thy pinkeemperess: pink plink prink pronk prinky pranky papalprunch paddydraddy patrichart pratratpratrick pramprant palmpoulpunch prunkpronk prink plink pink and gawdspitspreed and ripe and rise, mye owld (yes:very vary worriedoult mouldyold) firendfiendendfriend gawkwarts two hell zu hell in der zweihöllen one four you one fear me i am weiss.hell / weiss.heiss (ich bin weisses flimmerndes klirrendes licht) and meomya swastika girls on parade (mamomahybrid muse) ans eye ammm stormfist and erdvirrwoxon i amm

scre(a)(e)n thy l(u)(a)st s/cream (aiwass a sid beret in weir at numb) andyaya ass/ass/in inndeaead its moore musak: coum=pain=ny (gen/is/is/clone) and dafürdavor insert beginning onder herme-NEU!-tick (krautmagick) and them playyaded inner vain to la morte young, terry r’lyeh, howard phillips glass, marian zann, the reich in the walls end the secret cage looking fournoubirtte who just ousted cthulhu as the mayor of r’lyeh!

faultyheathan maighds of bearbied wire (juice a colasnack for ye knacktigh) houdooyewluv (tail mea) whoolvoujujuwolfworth ant the werwooolfworth inner kaufrauschhaus burning warehouse burn wormlochhaus brunned allochohollow

freemansonry the son of man adam manson mad i am damned i am aiwass under will and i will be man soon (excerpt from a teenage opera) the rityouall of trible treeble-trouble endjungmannung im ahngesichte

(wol(kenbarbie)fheart) gorgonzillagargoyles

freiraummaurer: i carassed end washburned asouthend ears a-go-go (serene goose the yellov in mates, moronaughts!) and enteredeed a dead heat heathen overlourdes log lock of natural causes it was antsowazz the pooam: and late and laterly / and layed and leightorly / and lye-in-lie and littletly / it alloflate occurs to me / wotanormous lounge tryppits bin twou sinsingh leopool creem singingingoingone the tails off b-rave youlyssos width edgerick clablin and jag broose and djinner breaker. gratesoung!


Written by siemers

February 9, 2015 at 3:06 pm

Posted in fnord

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